Electric Motor Components

Production of Electric Motor Components and Parts

SPI can produce all kinds of Motor or Generator Components like Stators, Rotors, Stator Cores, Spools, Insulating Parts and also do the assembling. Or you can supply us with the ready Components and we do the assembling work.

Stators for Motors

An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.
The fundamental principle upon which electromagnetic motors are based is that there is a mechanical force on any current-carrying wire contained within a magnetic field. The force is described by the Lorentz force law and is perpendicular to both the wire and the magnetic field. Most magnetic motors are rotary, but linear motors also exist. In a rotary motor, the rotating part (usually on the inside) is called the rotor, and the stationary part is called the stator.

Stators for Generators

In electricity generation, an electrical generator is a device that converts kinetic energy to electrical energy, generally using electromagnetic induction. The reverse conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy is done by a motor, and motors and generators have many similarities. The source of mechanical energy may be a reciprocating or turbine steam engine, water falling through a turbine or waterwheel, an internal combustion engine, a wind turbine, or any other source of mechanical energy.

Stators for Tractionmotors

A traction motor is a type of electric motor used to power the driving wheels of a vehicle such as a railroad locomotive, electrical multi-unit train (such as a subway or light rail vehicle train)