Non Magnetic Slot Wedges

SPInduwedge Slot Wedges are made of either magnetic or nonmagnetic Material, being used as Slot Closures to hold the stator windings in the slots formed between the stator teeth.

Magnetic and non Magnetic Slot Wedges

Slot wedges made of magnetic material are a significant means to improve the efficiency of a motor or generator. Magnetic slot wedges reduce slot ripple in the air gap flux caused by the changing reluctance due to the slots, and also reduce the associated eddy current losses due to the interaction of the harmonics in the air gap flux with the conducting surface of the rotor.
The magnetizing current required in the stator windings to generate the desired air gap flux is less with magnetic slot wedges, since more of the air gap flux is available for useful power production.

Magnetic slot wedges reduce starting current, improve cos phi and load current, and lead to reduced iron loss (core loss).