SPInduwedge – Scanning electron micrograph pictures

Scanning electron micrograph pictures from the surface of fractures show the difference in the construction. The production process of the SPInduwedge slot wedge is a break through and completely new. A rolled glass cloth is used, which is pressed with a resin iron powder mixture in a specific press. The rolled cloth is responsible that SPInduwedge material has virtually the same mechanical stability in all directions.

Picture of SPInduwedge

The slot wedge SPInduwedge HP consists of rolled glass fiber cloth and therefore stiffness is equal in all directions and
explains the excellent flexural strength.

Conventional Magnetic Slot wedge (laminated)

Surface of a fracture from a conventional magnetic slot wedge out of laminated material.

Conventional Magnetic Slot wedge

This conventional slot wedge model has good properties at room temperature, because of a thick glass cloth layer, but at elevated temperature the properties are poor.